PPF - Paint protection film

PPF care products, cleaning, polish, and wax for sealing

Longevity through the highest quality with SWISSVAX PPF

The highest quality care and maintenance of protective films for long-lasting vehicle protection

Paint protection films and their associated care

PPF protection films, also known as paint protection films, for vehicles offer numerous advantages, especially in the front area where they can reduce paint damage from stones and other influences. There are transparent, glossy, colored, and matte films, including self-healing films that can smooth out small scratches with heat.

PPF protection films, however, require regular care to maintain their properties and not become brittle and cracked.

This is because the protective films are constantly exposed to elements such as UV rays, dirt, and pollutants in the air. These can damage the PPF protective film material and reduce its protective effect. Regular care of the film can help it last longer and maintain its protective effect. By using our PPF products, water and lime stains on your PPF are minimized.

SWISSVAX has developed products to prevent and remedy such challenges.

The wax all-rounder with the best quality for your car

The SWISSVAX PPF wax was specially developed for the care of films and, through high-quality waxes, ensures intensive gloss retention, improved water repellency, and the preservation of the film's elasticity. An additional protective function against UV rays is also included. The special advantage of the SWISSVAX PPF wax lies in its high content of carnauba wax of 40%. This natural wax is particularly compatible with the chemical structure of all films and effectively supports their protective effect.

A kit for many challenges, simply with SWISSVAX

The SWISSVAX PPF Protection Set is an indispensable tool for all vehicle owners who want to protect their PPF protection films in the long term. It consists of specially coordinated products and accessories that ensure effective basic cleaning and care of all partially and fully wrapped surfaces.

By using the SWISSVAX PPF Protection Set, you can be sure that your PPF protection films are optimally maintained and protected. All products and accessories are from a single source and coordinated to achieve perfect care results.

Polishing PPF

Whether by hand or machine polishing, everything is possible with SWISSVAX

Hand or professional machine polishing? No problem!

Hand or professional machine polishing? No problem! Whether you choose manual hand polishing or professional polishing machines, with SWISSVAX products suitable for PPF, you can be sure that your surfaces can be worked on effortlessly. Our products are specifically developed and tested for PPF-coated cars and provide excellent results in removing fine scratches, scuffs, and holograms. By using our products, you can be sure that the surfaces of your vehicle are free from defects and unwanted marks while maintaining their original shine and protection.

Do I apply Lotos Speed after waxing?


Lotos Speed can be additionally applied to the wax sealant. This has the advantage that the protective layer becomes even more water-repellent and has a longer durability.

Apply Lotos Speed after waiting 3 hours for the wax to perfectly bond with the paint.

The only sealant for PPF - KERAMIQ9

The special thing about KERAMIQ9

KERAMIQ9 is an easy-to-use spray ceramic sealant on an infused water basis, developed by SWISSVAX using the Aqua-Infused process. It is suitable for both private and professional users and compatible with SWISSVAX products and waxes. The sealant creates extremely smooth and water-repellent surfaces on paint, glass, plastic, or fiberglass in the exterior and provides protection for up to 12 months.

KERAMIQ9 extends the durability of surfaces treated and sealed with SWISSVAX polishes and waxes and can also surpass the sealants of other manufacturers. The application is simple, and after the normal use of Swissvax care products and wax, the ceramic sealant can be additionally applied to increase long-term protection. With the SWISSVAX "Prep Fluid," the sealant can also be neutralized, and touch-ups are always easily possible.

Note: Apply Keramiq9 one day after waxing.

The 9 facts about KERAMIQ9

  • Long-lasting beading effect for up to 12 months
  • Safe for private users
  • Short application time (depending on car size) of only 30-60 minutes
  • Without taping and/or pre-work of many hours or days
  • Suitable for both untreated and SWISSVAX sealed paints
  • Can be quickly renewed regularly on heavily used areas (e.g. hood, fender, etc.)
  • Lower solvent content without toxic fumes compared to conventional ceramic coatings
  • Cross-material use such as paints, glass surfaces, plastics, rims, or fiberglass
  • KERAMIQ9 can be easily and tracelessly removed with SWISSVAX "Prep Fluid" if necessary

SWISSVAX Opaque designed for matte-wrapped and matte-painted cars

Shine and protection for matte films and paints with SWISSVAX Opaque

PPF Protection Set Opaque, for matte-wrapped and matte-painted cars

The SWISSVAX Opaque series was specially developed for the care of matte-painted and matte-wrapped vehicles. To avoid attacking the delicate surfaces, the products from SWISSVAX contain only small amounts of chemical substances. Instead, a unique formula has been developed that perfectly meets the needs of matte surfaces. The special composition of the SWISSVAX Opaque products ensures that the matte finish is maintained and the surface does not become shiny.

Matte surfaces are more susceptible to environmental influences such as dust, dirt, and sunlight, which can cause damage. The SWISSVAX Opaque products are equipped with special and natural ingredients that build a protective barrier and thus preserve the matte finish. At the same time, they improve the surface's water repellency and facilitate cleaning.

By using SWISSVAX Opaque products, the appearance and quality of matte surfaces are ensured in the long term. The special formula allows for regular use without affecting the matte finish. The SWISSVAX Opaque series thus offers a unique solution for the demanding care of matte surfaces and ensures optimal protection through the use of specially matched ingredients.

SWISSVAX accessories for a perfect result

Complete the care with SWISSVAX accessories

Our accessories are also high-end

With the right accessories from SWISSVAX, you can ensure that you receive the best car care and protect your car optimally.

Our selection of accessories includes high-quality cleaning cloths, sponges, brushes, and wash pads. Each product has been carefully selected and produced by us and tested for its performance and quality to ensure that you achieve the best possible result. Our wash pads, for example, are made of particularly soft material and have high water absorption capacity. This ensures gentle and thorough cleaning without damaging the paint surface.

In addition to cleaning products, SWISSVAX also offers various applicators specially developed for use with our care products. Our sponges and pads enable an even distribution of care products and gentle application on sensitive surfaces.